Green Party Representatives in South Dublin astonished at decision to host Lucan school in Tallaght.

Green Party politicians in South Dublin County were taken aback at news that Griffeen Community College is to be located in Kingswood Community College, a distance of over 6.5km away, from September 2020.

Cllr. Liam Sinclair, a resident of Kingswood Heights says, “Kingswood Community College has done a great job since opening and settled in as part of the community. I’m very proud to be a member of the board of this school. To disrupt the progress staff and students have made is beyond belief.”


Cllr. Peter Kavanagh, Green Party candidate for Dublin Mid-West, said “This decision flies in the face of everything we know about sustainable communities. To think that anyone believes that putting students from Lucan onto a bus to Tallaght, on our already choked and polluted roads, is the right thing to do? It just shows how little our current Government understands the needs of communities and of working families. I’ll be raising this matter with the DDLETB and asking them to reverse this decision at the next meeting.”


Cllr. Francis Duffy, Green Party candidate for Dublin South West, has called for an immediate reversal of the decision. “There is a far more suitable site locally, across the road from Kishoge Community College. Facilities can be located here and this will serve the students of Griffeen Community College better and allow Kingswood Community College to continue operating smoothly and growing in Tallaght. I am calling on Minister Joe McHugh to intervene and put a stop to this.”

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